A Facial Recognition Time Clock Does More Than Simply Increase Time and Attendance Accuracy

You already know why time clocks are critical for cutting down on missing timesheets, endless manual data entry, clock in/out errors, and time fraud. But did you know that the right time clock can also improve employee health and safety?

It’s time to talk about why a facial recognition time clock is an important business investment for our modern world.

What Is a Facial Recognition Time Clock?

Facial recognition time clocks are just like regular time clocks except that, instead of using a manual punch in process, they take a picture of your employee during clock in, analyze that picture, and match it to the employee image you have on file. If there is a mismatch, the picture will be flagged for supervisory review. Some time clock solutions enable pictures to be placed on the timesheet itself for further verification.

A modern time clock with facial recognition works when an employee is wearing a mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) and can reduce germ transmission within the workplace while promoting social distancing and assisting with contact tracing. This makes these time clocks a great solution for the modern work world.

Benefits of Time Clocks with Facial Recognition

To prevent “buddy punching,” many business leaders turned to biometric fingerprint or handprint scanning for their time clocks years ago. In a COVID-positive world, having all employees place their hands or fingers on a shared time clock for biometric identification becomes a bit of a problem.

Facial recognition time clocks provide all the benefits of a secure time clock system that eliminates buddy punching – but with a modern, touchless experience that keeps all employees and visitors safer and healthier in the workplace.

More Than Simply a Time Clock – Facial Recognition Can Be a Safety Monitor at Your Company

Time clocks are available from a wide range of advanced time and attendance software solution providers, including NOVAtime, Praxis Time, LightWork, and other companies. All these solutions provide facial recognition time clock capabilities, but some solutions deliver additional benefits that help keep your workforce safer at all times.

These additional benefits include:

  • Temperature checkers

Automatically scan employee temperatures at clock in to improve health and wellness across the workforce.

  • Voice commands

Communicate with the time clock using hands-free technology powered by voice commands.

  • Social distancing

Have your time clock monitor employee social distancing in many areas of the workplace to ensure compliance with rules.

  • Employee location tracking

Gain insight into workplace areas that specific employees have been in to improve the effectiveness of contact tracing at your company in the event of an incident.

Save Time and Improve Employee Health with the Right Time Clocks

A facial recognition time clock can increase efficiency in the workplace by shaving seconds every day off the amount of time it takes for employees to punch in or out, while also reducing administrative effort and hours in your Payroll department.

In addition, time clocks with facial recognition can reduce COVID transmission (as well as the constant flu and cold transmission that contribute to employee absenteeism) and can provide safety-enhancing features that help ensure better health for everyone who visits your offices.

Explore Your Options for Facial Recognition Time Clocks


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