Discover Tools to Make Your Employee Performance Management Process Flawless

According to a Gallup poll, only 2 in 10 employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. However, every manager at today’s resource-strapped organizations would agree that outstanding work is required from all employees.

Of course, an effective performance management process can be one of the best ways for managers to encourage better performance, but it has always been very difficult for businesses to set up their own great process. Until now.

Discover more about LightWork Performance Management software and how it can ease your process of performance management. It is time for you to drive outstanding work at your company – every day.

What Is LightWork Performance Management Software?

LightWork Performance Management is a dynamic workforce management system with tools that help your managers clearly identify and then act on each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement. But that is only the beginning.

After your managers have pinpointed each employee’s strengths and challenges at work, they can leverage LightWork to provide effective guidance that encourages growth from every employee on your staff.

How Can LightWork Help Your Organization Build a Better Performance Management Process?

LightWork Performance Management software helps both your new and seasoned managers conduct a more effective, efficient, and productive performance management process for every employee.

This is because LightWork offers an innovative combination of:

  • Built-in appraisal and criteria templates that are easily modified. These offer clear guidance for unbiased goal setting and reviews, and managers can also create their own templates from scratch.
  • A “phrase selector” that helps your managers deliver constructive, helpful feedback. This helps them communicate in the best way possible for everyone, from star employees to team members who need more development.
  • Insightful dashboards and advanced analytics, as well as alerts and notifications. This helps keep managers up to date and on track with feedback and tasks, such as updates or note-taking at regular intervals.
  • Integration with all HR systems. This saves time by reducing data rekeying and ensures better accuracy across critical employee records.
  • Employee “journals,” which make the process of collecting data between appraisals quick and easy. Even better, they also make it easy to find relevant performance management data precisely when your managers and staff need it.

Drive Success at Your Company with Better Performance Reviews, Starting Now

These days, successful companies must be able to rely on continuous high performance across every level of the organization. A great way to achieve this is to ensure your managers have access to the tools that help them provide a flawless performance management process from end to end.

Stop struggling with performance evaluations that get your company nowhere. It is time for you to finally reach your goals of delivering fair evaluations, actionable guidance, and clear criteria to measure and drive better employee success – the easy way.

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