Apps to Clock In and Out Require 3 Capabilities, But They Should Offer Much More

Giving your employees apps to clock in and out and view their own labor data not only eases their minds, it also eases your managers’ workloads. As a result, these apps typically improve productivity, which makes them a win-win-win. However, as you know, using business software is a skill that can take quite a bit of training.

Your employees should not need extensive software experience to perform simple time-tracking tasks. Instead, they should be able to use to an easy solution that manages all the details for them. It should work just like the apps they access every day on their phone.

Cue the drumroll for Attendance on Demand’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile system. View the datasheet for quick facts at your fingertips.  

What Is the ESS Mobile System?

Attendance on Demand’s Employee Self-Service Mobile app shows your employees precisely what they need to complete their personalized time and attendance tasks – nothing more and nothing less. Its screen is not only customized to each employee’s permission levels, it also adapts minute-by-minute to each employee’s individual time-tracking tasks.

However, can the ESS Mobile system perform all the tasks that apps to clock in and out require? Let’s find out.

When looking at your time-tracking app options, make sure you choose one that can manage these 3 key tasks:  

  1. Alerts & notifications

Effective alerts should request individualized information in a timely manner, such as updates about missing punches or timecard approvals. Effective notifications should include the ability to rapidly send out new messages for employees to read before their next shift.

Analysis: Attendance on Demand’s ESS Mobile system does perform these tasks.

  1. GPS punches

Employees should have the power to punch in and out right from their mobile devices, with GPS data included. This crucial capability benefits organizations with employees in the field as well as businesses with employees who work at different locations on different days. Punch restrictions in the app prevent punch errors.

Analysis: Attendance on Demand’s ESS Mobile system does perform these tasks.

  1. Leave requests

Flexible, app-based leave requests reduce the paperwork load associated with absences and help ensure that requests are not forgotten. Time and attendance apps should also include fast notifications for employee call-ins, so your company maintain smooth business operations even if workers are late or absent.

Analysis: Attendance on Demand’s ESS Mobile system does perform these tasks.

Can You Boost the Value of Apps to Clock In and Out?

As long as the apps to clock in and out that you are considering include the above 3 key capabilities, your business should have what it needs for an effective, efficient, and accurate time-tracking system. Past these critical functions, you can start looking at more exciting features.

Would any of these additional features streamline your work tasks and boost your app’s value for you?

  • The ability to enter tips and expenses securely into the app
  • On-demand benefit balance viewing for employees, right in the app
  • Messaging direct to supervisors, tracked through the app for compliance

Whatever features you choose, make sure that the app you invest in will fully track all edits, changes, communications, notifications, and responses in your time and attendance system. This helps you stay compliant and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you will always have access to all the data you need, right at your fingertips any time.


See How ESS Mobile Does All This and More


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