Discover 10 Ways WebClock Helps You and What Users Say About It


WebClock is a leading cloud-based time clock software solution. It is intuitive and simple to use, yet very powerful. Since 1998, it has been helping organizations around the world gain access to a highly affordable, highly flexible, and highly useful end-to-end employee time management solution.

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10 Ways WebClock Can Help You

When it comes to designing business technology, experience matters. For nearly 30 years, the development team behind WebClock has helped companies of all sizes solve their labor management tasks. This means they know the common issues plaguing modern organizations like yours and they know how to help your company avoid those issues with intelligently designed software.

Here are 10 common challenges the software can solve:

  1. Real-time employee time tracking

Use the at-a-glance screen to view all clocked in employees at once, and then drill down into employee time records so you can review or edit them quickly.

  1. Clocking in and out

Choose what works best for your company, whether you prefer a GPS-powered geofencing mobile time clock solution or a traditional time clock that supports biometric and RFID punches.

  1. Employee scheduling

Built-in analytics provide a clear overview of which employees are or are NOT scheduled on a given day, and you can set up or adjust schedules right from the analytics page. On-demand employees receive text messages when scheduled.

  1. Schedule planning

Plan schedules in the best way for your company with flexible scheduling tools that help you leverage insight about your personalized annual staffing trends.

  1. Time off requests and approvals

Track employee time off for the whole organization or for each employee. Check vacation balances, automate time off accrual, and send time-off approval notifications to employees instantly.

  1. Expense tracking

Track mileage, bonuses, commissions, and other key employee expense information right from the software. Yes, that means you can ditch those pesky expense-tracking spreadsheets forever.

  1. Employee personal information storage

WebClock’s HR basics help you securely track a range of employee information, such as personal and contact information or performance evaluations.

  1. “Buddy” punches

Eliminate “buddy” punches permanently with a secure time clock that relies on biometric fingerprint or facial recognition punches.

  1. Custom and broad reporting

Access a range of built-in charts and dashboards that drive quick, effortless insight. Enjoy broad reporting or feel free to customize your reports as your needs evolve.

  1. Payroll integration

Continue beyond time tracking and reporting with secure integration to today’s leading payroll providers, all from right within your WebClock software.

What Users Say About It

Curious what real users say about the software? Feel free to read the reviews at SourceForge if you would like to dive in deeper to great real-life commentary, including:

  • I can finish weeks’ worth of scheduling in minutes
  • It is easily integrated with our payroll company
  • It has reduced the stress of preparing payroll and tracking vacation & sick time
  • It excels in online software design, accessibility, interaction, and well-designed broad reporting
  • It is easy to use and easy for new employees to pick up

What Can the Software Do for You?

WebClock is scalable, flexible, and adapts to your requirements, whatever they may be. Some companies use it to tackle job costing. Others turbocharge their decision-making with custom reports. Some companies use it to empower employees with on-demand pay options.

The sky is the limit. What will you use it for?


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