What are Biometric Time Clocks?


Biometric time clocks use a unique identifier to ensure the identification of the person clocking in. Biometric time clock often use fingerprints, which are unique to everyone, to track employee time more securely, and accurately. Time clocks that use fingerprints to identify employees map out specific, numbered key points on a finger, rather than storing images of the finger, as one might believe. These are called “minutiae,” and are encoded landmarks that can be used to verify whether a fingerprint is the same as the original user. One of the most important things to know about these landmarks is that it is impossible to recreate the original fingerprint from minutiae.


Why use Biometric Time Clocks?


1. Reduce Accounting and Payroll Errors

Biometric time clocks increase the accuracy of employee time tracking, which can help to discover discrepancies in payroll – often due to incorrect or even fraudulent punches. Time theft is a major issue in most businesses, many of which are not aware due to their time keeping methods. biometric time clocks ensure that the correct person is clocking in, eliminating the possibility of buddy punching, one of the most common time clock fraud methods. On top of reducing time theft, when employee time usage is more accurately measured, so are labor costs. This creates improved scheduling, with more awareness of employees nearing overtime. biometric time clocks save your business money by ensuring that payroll and accounting do not suffer from human error or tampering.

2. Increase Productivity of Employees

When the ability to make mistakes, accidental or not, is removed from those tracking their time, it prevents having to spend precious time on fixing those errors, rather than working. Additionally, biometric time clocks are extremely easy to use and manage. LightWork Time’s biometric time clocks are simple to configure, and even give the ability to send messages to individual employees, or everyone clocking in. This can be useful to use as reminders, or even just simple notes telling your employees to have a great day! Those in charge of payroll also increase their productivity by not having to track down the employees who made errors on their timesheets, not to mention the time spent on fixing the errors. They also don’t have to waste time investigating possible time fraud, as biometric time clocks reduce the ability for employees to commit time theft.

3. More Cost-Effective in the Long-Run

By reducing accounting and payroll errors, and increasing the productivity of your employees, biometric time clocks save money for your business. Buddy punching, one of the most common forms of time theft, costs U.S. businesses more than $373 million each year, according to a study done by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2015. More accurate punches also increase awareness of employee time, meaning that working unauthorized hours, especially overtime, is easily noticed.

LightWork Time’s‘s biometric time clocks install easily and can be configured and customized to the needs of your business. They save your business money by reducing errors in time tracking and the possibility of time theft, while increasing the productivity or your employees.


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