There’s No Need to Overcomplicate Things – LightWork Time Keeps Time and Attendance Easy and Flexible for Your Needs


Some things are too complicated.

This, for instance:


If your time and attendance system ran like that, your business wouldn’t last long.

Complexity is for strange indie bands, not businesses. Your company needs a fast, easy, straightforward way to track time and then flow approved timesheets into your Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite solution.

That means you need LightWork Time.

What Is LightWork Time?

LightWork Time is the time and attendance system for companies that have single or multiple locations (or perhaps a lot of remote employees), and who want a timesheet solution that everyone on their staff can learn and use quickly.

LightWork Time:

  • Empowers managers and employees to enter time daily or weekly
  • Supports regular time, paid time off, and sick time
  • Prevents overtime coding errors with rules that ID and calculate overtime
  • Flexibly supports time entry in lump sums or specific hours worked
  • Provides dashboards for at-a-glance insight
  • Features multiple deployment options, including on-premises, hosted, or cloud

In addition, the flexible time and attendance system works with desktop punches, kiosk punches, or biometric/ swipe time clocks, and its time clocks are easy to install.

The Time and Attendance Solution for Everyone at Your Company

LightWork Time’s simple-to-use time and attendance system provides benefits and streamlines time-tracking related activities across your company.

Here’s a small sampling of how various roles make their jobs easier with LightWork.

  • Employees can enter time remotely, at a single location, or at multiple locations with a system that’s simple to learn and work with, and can request time off easily.
  • Managers can quickly view and approve time at multiple locations and can use the system to build out schedules.
  • Supervisors can gain insight into time and attendance status with at-a-glance dashboards with drilldown capabilities.
  • HR can export approved timesheet data directly into Sage Abra Suite or Sage HRMS, error free and hassle free, with no duplicate data entry required.
  • Everyone at your company can get quick, on-demand help with the system’s built-in, detailed Help resources.

Don’t Make Time and Attendance Complicated. Make It Easy.

If you’re looking for a simple timesheet program that will fit your needs as a company with multiple locations and remote workers, LightWork may be the right solution for you.


Get in touch with the time and attendance experts at PeopleSense Time to learn more about LightWork Time.