Get the Briefing to Read Up on How Automated Time & Attendance Solutions Help You Save More and Work Less


With increasingly tight margins arising from globalization and online purchasing, companies all over the world are trying to find ways to reduce business expenses while maintaining efficiency and productivity. These businesses are finding their solution in automation.

Find your time and attendance solution in automation. Download the briefing, “Managing Labor Expenses with Automated Time & Attendance,” to discover how you can streamline and optimize your labor-force management tasks to save on costs. Download the briefing here.

Not Sure What Automated Time & Attendance Would Do for You? Find Out!

In addition to struggling with time and attendance management, many employers also have difficulties defining the term “time and attendance.” This handy briefing clearly examines the different aspects of this key labor management strategy, all the way from its definition to its implementation.

After reading this concise briefing, you will gain insight into how your business can increase efficiency through accuracy, flexibility, and streamlined processes. The briefing covers a wide range of helpful information including:

  • 9 capabilities a time tracking system should have
  • 7 benefits of an automated solution
  • Why savvy business owners are choosing automated solutions

This compact briefing will quickly inform you as to the best way to restructure your time and attendance procedures moving forward, and it will empower you to complete a new evaluation of your current processes so you can confidently make the most of your organizational productivity.

As it stands, most businesses are wasting valuable resources by using paper-based timecards and performing manual management, payroll, and human resources tasks. In this briefing, you will see how modern automation can help you save time and reduce your company’s expenses with solutions that also provide the added benefit of a quick ROI turnaround.

Transform Your Workforce Management with PeopleSense Time Solutions

For more than 15 years, PeopleSense / PeopleSense Time has been helping North American businesses of all sizes succeed with their workforce management as well, as their time and attendance optimization.

To serve our clients even better, PeopleSense also specializes in Made2Manage® (M2M®) and Intuitive ERP® consultations and customizations, in addition to offering a wide range of HRMS and payroll solutions and services.

But the key to success with all these tools is to reduce your manual data entry, improve your speed, and increase your overall productivity. It all starts with automation.


Download the briefing, “Managing Labor Expenses with Automated Time & Attendance,” to get the facts you need about how you can add efficiency to your workforce management tasks.