Stay Organized and Compliant with the Robust NOVAtime Time and Attendance Management Solution


After the hiring process, one of the hardest parts of labor management is meeting all those labor law compliance regulations. Employers must carefully track and record overtime to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), must uphold meal break requirements that differ from state to state, and must ensure that employees are properly compensated for all their hours, including additional activities and work-related travel.

Without the right time and attendance management system in place, it can be all too easy for employers to miscalculate pay or hours – and that can lead to big trouble. That’s why most modern enterprises are now finding that having a robust, highly effective time and attendance management solution in place is a critical factor for long-term success.

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What Is the NOVAtime Time and Attendance Management System?

The NOVAtime Time and Attendance management solution helps streamline and simplify complex time and attendance processes for large numbers of employees, using a wide range of flexible, automated tools that keep your organization compliant – effortlessly.

How Does NOVAtime Work?

Supporting a virtually unlimited number of employees, pay codes, and pay rules, NOVAtime workforce time and attendance management interfaces with hundreds of data collection devices and HR/ERP/payroll solutions to help your company generate accurate time and attendance data from anywhere and at any time.

But data capture is only a small portion of the many time and attendance management tasks required by your organization – which is why NOVAtime does so much more than simply track and enter time.

Here’s just a small sampling of the many capabilities that NOVAtime offers:

  • Highly configurable dashboards that deliver critical labor compliance data at a glance
  • Robust timesheet edits and approvals that help supervisors review, edit, and comment on timesheet data
  • Flexible software that works with the solutions you already use, including 300+ third-party applications and a range of data-collection devices
  • Clear rules and policies for shift and meal times, holiday and accrual systems, differentials, and point systems
  • 150+ pre-installed report templates and customizable reports

In addition, the NOVAtime workforce and attendance management solution provides convenient, online portals for administrators, supervisors, and employees; comprehensive scheduling capabilities; job costing; and more.

Everything in NOVAtime is designed to help you increase productivity, control costs, and maintain compliance – which is why so many large enterprises are now choosing NOVAtime as their time and attendance management solution.


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