Geofencing in Mobile Time and Attendance Webinar

Plus: See NOVAtime's New Interface

A geofence is a virtual barrier or perimeter around a real-world geographic area. This virtual boundary can be tied to a physical location (e.g., a house, school, or store), or it can be dynamically generated with a radius around specific latitudinal and longitudinal points.

Attend the 9/20 1 PM CT webinar to learn how NOVAtime harnesses the power of geofencing technology by monitoring employees working in specific locations or doing remote field work.

See how by utilizing a smart phone or a GPS-enabled device such as NOVAtime’s native mobile app for iPhones and Android smartphones (NOVAmobile), employees are able to use the NOVAmobile application to log their field work in the following ways:

  • Punch Lock-Out Based on GPS Location
  • Automatic Punch Transfer Based on Punch Location

Also see the latest NOVAtime interface, including:

  • The New Dashboard
  • Navigating to Categories and Pages
  • Managing Page Favorites
  • In/Out Board
  • Time Off Requests

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