Too Much Time on Your Hands

3 Ways Time Management Solutions Make Your Business Better

10/3 1 PM CT Webinar

In an ever-changing economy and business environment, the one thing that can help your business control costs is an end-to-end workforce management solution.

Learn how PeopleSense Time and NOVAtime Workforce Management Solutions can help your company with:

  • Scheduling — Having the right person with the right skills on the right job at the right time is important to keeping your business on track. Learn how to do it better.
  • Job Costing — Knowing how much time your company spends on each job and what that time costs you helps you identify which jobs are profitable and which ones aren’t, so you know which jobs might need special attention, which processes need improvement, and how to bid on future work.  Learn how to do it more efficiently.
  • Reconciliation — Tracking your employees’ hours and ensuring that benefit time is accrued and spent correctly is key to controlling costs and improving profitability. Learn how to do it with less effort.

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